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Benchmark-it Session with Merck: Building Global Managers with Multi-Cultural Understanding and Holistic Talent Management Capabilities

Presenter: Dottie Brienza, VP/ Global Head of Organizational Performance, Bristol Myers Squibb


From a business perspective, it is imperative to ensure that organizational boards, leadership teams and employees are reflective of their markets. As shareholders continue to expect faster growth, higher return, and sustainability, companies need to have people leading and working in them that reflect their customers and the marketplace in order to understand and deliver solutions that meet their needs. Managing a global, multi-cultural workforce is a key capability to ensuring success. (Management includes both global and local people and processes.)

The world’s human population is growing at a rate of 8,333 per hour or 200,000 per day, which means we are doubling approximately every 54 years. Our migratory patterns are also changing and growing, with more people moving within and to different countries and continents every year, which is causing significant demographic shifts. Simultaneously, some specific demographic populations are not growing or are shrinking, while others are booming. Within the U.S. for example, the Hispanic/ Latino population is now considered the 14th largest economy globally and growing tremendously year over year, while the US African American population is continuing to maintain its percentage of the total population and is not growing. In just a few decades, the current U.S. Caucasian majority will become the minority.

What Will You Learn

Merck will present slides for 15 minutes that describe their current issues, journey, and desired destination (i.e., roadmap). We will spend the remaining 45 minutes learning from the experiences and models from board member organizations.

Learning Points We will discuss, benchmark and give advice on:

- Your successful cases and work
- Preparing managers (Entry to C-Suite) for internal and external multi-cultural understanding and awareness.
- Equipping your managers with a holistic TM capability to discuss difficult topics, influence and provide feedback
- Change management levers (e.g. accountability featuring rewards and consequences, training, etc.)

Who Will Participate

Senior Executive Board members and internally invited guests


Dottie Brienza

VP/ Global Head of Organizational Performance, Bristol Myers Squibb

Access Resource

90 Minutes