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Leveraging Global Leadership Development at A.O. Smith

Presenter: Mary Sue Handel, Director, Global Talent Management, A. O. Smith Corporation


A. O. Smith Corporation is one of the world' s leading manufacturers of residential and commercial water heating equipment. Located in Europe, China, North America, and India they have streamlined their Leadership Development Competencies and Content to match the culture of the organization. Programs are translated into multiple languages that encourage unified conversations across the globe. Mary Sue Handel will share how their leadership programs, talent reviews, and performance management processes tie together to create a culture of collaboration and growth.

What Will You Learn

-How A.O. Smith matches program design to organization's culture
-Why Global Competencies benefit Leadership Development and Succession Planning Processes
-What A.O. Smith's Key Anchors are for Global Leadership Development
-Strategies for Performance Reviews and Talent Conversations

Who Will Participate

Executive Leaders, Leadership Development Professionals, Talent Management Leaders, HR Professionals, Global Leaders.


Mary Sue Handel

Director, Global Talent Management, A. O. Smith Corporation

Access Resource

60 Minutes