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Is Moving Too Fast Slowing You Down? – How to Prevent Overload from Undermining Your Organization’s Performance

Presenter: David Stroh, Principal in Bridgeway Partners


Organizational overload is a problem confronting people across all industries and sectors. People have too much to do and too few resources to accomplish it. The problem is overwhelming managers' abilities to sustain focus on strategic priorities and drive key organizational changes. In this session, you will learn to: assess the costs of overload to your organization, understand the root causes of the problem, and identify high leverage interventions that enable managers to sustain organizational momentum on top priorities.

What Will You Learn

• Identify the costs of overload to your organization in terms of reduced effectiveness and productivity
• Understand how organizations unwittingly increase workload in their efforts to reduce it
• Distinguish an organizational culture that emphasizes effort from one that produces sustainable results
• Recognize the organizational dynamics that perpetuate overload
• Clarify a four-stage change process with six strategies to reduce organizational overload and achieve sustainably high levels of energy, focus, and performance

Who Will Participate

The webinar is designed for senior level executives who are responsible for your organization’s culture and strategic effectiveness. This includes CEOs, executives responsible for HROD and strategic impact, and leaders of your company’s key businesses.


David Stroh

Principal in Bridgeway Partners

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90 Minutes