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What You Must Know to Retain Your Best People and Build a Culture Of Commitment, Engagement, and Outstanding Contribution

Presenter: David S. Cohen, Teaching Faculty, Durham College School of Business, IT, & Management


Here’s your biggest worry: a bad economy is no guarantee your best people will stay. In fact, your stars are at a higher risk of going somewhere else. Top talent is being sought after now more than ever. Join David Cohen, business author and talent management thought leader, in this interactive webinar where you will learn what successful organizations do to retain their top talent at every level, and how you can build a focused retention and engagement strategy for your team, your department and your organization today.

Keep Your Best People Engaged and Committed!

Engagement surveys aren’t enough. You need to know why people leave and how to keep your vital contributors committed. Even the best managers and HR leaders can overlook the people side of the equation when a tough market and business climate forces attention on other pressures. But human capital is the only corporate asset that isn’t nailed to the floor. When your best people walk out the door at the end of the day, how can you be sure they’ll be coming back tomorrow?

What Will You Learn

This webinar will focus your thinking on the critical challenge of retention, provide you with a rigorous framework for an approach that fits your needs, and give you important insights into what keeps people committed, engaged, and contributing their best. This is your chance to ask questions and engage with the issues that will dramatically improve your employee retention.

With David, you will learn:
•The unspoken reason why people always leave organizations
•Who is responsible for retention and what they need to do differently
•The business costs of losing talent, and how to measure them
•What you can do to ensure you hire right in the beginning
•How you keep your best people even during a talent raid
•What engagement really means and how to use it as the focus for the way you run your business
•How to distinguish between your stars, keepers, dead wood and virus
•What Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Y-ers need differently and what they all need in common

Who Will Participate

This webinar is designed for executives, managers and human resource leaders at every level and every size organization.


David S. Cohen

Teaching Faculty, Durham College School of Business, IT, & Management

Access Resource

60 Minutes