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Letting Go Of The Past When Selecting / Promoting Employees

Presenter: David S. Cohen, Teaching Faculty, Durham College School of Business, IT, & Management


Does past performance predict future performance? Not really. When using behavioral interviewing, many complain they don’t end up hiring for fit, why? Yet, they are following the process and asking what seems to them to be behavioral questions. We know that behavioral interviewing should work. We also know it is key to long-term success and important to hiring people who will stay with the company a long time (retention). We know this because employees are:
Hired for their skills and knowledge;
Promoted because of their results or innovations, and;
Fired because of their behaviors.

So one could conclude that hiring people because of their past behaviors makes perfect sense to hiring people with good “fit”, who will stay with the organization and who will be highly productive. But too often behavioral interviewing doesn’t seem to get the results that are anticipated.

What Will You Learn

This fast-paced webinar will focus on helping you use behavioral interviewing to get the results promised. We will cover the following:
• Looking beyond past performance to recent performance
• How to measure the intangible of a behavior
• The importance of hiring to the company values and what must you have to do that successfully
• Understanding how to define the S.K.E.B.E.s for selection: Skills, Knowledge, Education, Behaviour, Experience.
• What makes a behavioral statement behavioral?

Who Will Participate

HR executives and managers, recruiting managers, external recruiters, heads of leadership development.


David S. Cohen

Teaching Faculty, Durham College School of Business, IT, & Management

Access Resource

60 Minutes