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Me, Inc: How to Master the Business of Being You

Presenter: Scott Ventrella, Executive Leadership Development, Author, and Radio Personality


Me, Inc. asserts that the key to unlimited success in daily life is in incorporating the basic principles of business success into everyday living. Author Scott Ventrella begins by sharing the ten basic business principles of the most successful and enduring companies and how they can be applied to the personal lives of readers. From there, this pro-active, practical work session shows participants how to envision the kind of success they want and craft an “exceptional living plan”-—much like a business plan—-that will get them there, based on the ten principles of business success.

Participants will learn how to organize their lives like a successful business, taking stock of their lives and meeting and exceeding the needs of their most important “clients,” gathering feedback, setting priorities and goals, and implementing plans for improvement and change. Rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all plan, Me, Inc. offers a personalized system for improvement that can be applied by anyone to achieve an exceptional life filled with purpose, meaning, and contentment.


Scott Ventrella

Executive Leadership Development, Author, and Radio Personality

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60 Minutes