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Benchmark Research on Global Talent Deployment and International Assignments

Presenter: Patrick Carmichael, Vice President of Senior Executive Boards, Best Practice Institute


Become a part of a groundbreaking Study that seeks to identify the strategic outlook of global organizations on expatriate/international assignments and their role in organization development and global talent management. The study strategy includes literature reviews, personal interviews, categorization, and comparative analysis across companies. Each company being profiled is in the top 20 tier in its particular industry. We Will Examine Both Transactional and Transformational Elements of Global Expatriate Assignments/Talent Management. Secondary Research Sources Indicate a Need for Clearly Defined Process and Structure for Candidate Selection, Organizational Expectations, and Performance Management for Expatriate Assignments.

What Will You Learn

To fully understand the scope and impact of the assignment organizations must evaluate at three levels:
Individual personality characteristics
culture shock and cultural adjustment (or the lack thereof)
person-environment fit, role transition, and role expectations

Who Will Participate

HR Process – selection, training and adequate preparation
Performance management
Organizational control


Patrick Carmichael

Vice President of Senior Executive Boards, Best Practice Institute

Access Resource

60 Minutes