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Becoming an Agile Leader: How to Lead Effectively in Today's Business Environment

Presenter: Bill Joiner, Co-Author of Award-Winning Book,Leadership Agility, President of ChangeWise


In this webinar, Bill Joiner will draw on his extensive research on this topic and three decades of work with organizations to discuss what leaders and leadership development professionals can do to increase their own agility and that of their people and their organizations.

Increasingly, line and HR executives realize that to succeed in today's complex, rapidly changing business environment, their organizations need to be more "agile" than ever. Recent research has shown that the key to greater organizational agility is the development of more agile leaders and leadership cultures. But what exactly is leadership agility, and how do you assess and develop this vital capacity?
Leaders develop increased agility in stages, making it possible to assess one's current level of agility and to clearly envision what it would be like to shift to the next level. Where does this "leadership agility road-map" lead? In-depth research has identified the specific capacities and practices used by what is now a small vanguard of highly agile leaders, who are especially effective in navigating today's increasingly turbulent business context.

What Will You Learn

-What leadership agility is, and why it has become essential
-The three key stages in the development of leadership agility
-Examples of what the emerging level of leadership agility looks like in action
-Why today's business environment calls for adding an agility "lens" to the traditional competency "lens" used in leadership assessment and development
-Ways to assess the agility level of leaders and leadership cultures
-An example of a company that dramatically improved business results by increasing the agility of its leaders, senior team, and leadership culture

Who Will Participate

Senior leaders of all kinds
Senior HR, LD, OD, and Talent Management professionals
Directors and managers who lead teams and initiate organizational improvement initiatives
Consultants and coaches who focus on leadership and organization development


Bill Joiner

Co-Author of Award-Winning Book,Leadership Agility, President of ChangeWise

Access Resource

60 Minutes