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The Formula for High Performance: How Top Companies Drive Business Results with Trust, Leadership, and Collaboration

Presenter: Andy Atkins, Senior Vice President, Research & Innovative Practices


In this webinar, Andy will show how the combination of high trust, strong leadership and expert collaboration directly links to outstanding business performance. He will cover the three important factors on which people base their trust. Andy also will share best practices in building trust--- including powerful, practical tools you can use right away.

Since 2009, Andy has conducted extensive research to discover how businesses are faring in the areas of trust, leadership, and collaboration. In 2012, the Building Trust in Business research study found that overall trust levels have not recovered from the hit they took in 2009. Employee engagement is suffering, too --- yet some companies are thriving. It's important for leaders to understand how top-performing companies are using trust to drive revenues and promote growth.

What Will You Learn

· How high-performing companies are leveraging trust-building leadership practices and collaborative acumen to achieve financial success.
· The key areas in which trust and leadership have declined this year.
· The three bases for trust --- and how you can influence them in your organization.
· Why employee engagement is not enough, and how employee involvement represents the next stage of evolution and success.
· Practical ways to increase trust right away in your business.

Who Will Participate

Executives, High Potential Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Managers, and HR and Learning and Development Professionals


Andy Atkins

Senior Vice President, Research & Innovative Practices

Access Resource

60 Minutes