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This Senior Executive Board Benchmark-it session will look at how we are approaching Performance and Development given the pandemic, and what changes, if any, are being considered. We will focus on both mid-year discussions and end of year performance guidance and address the following questions tog...
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Facilitated in the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll, this 5-part webinar series focuses on managing people and developing the performance of others.

Keynote speaker, podcaster and bestselling author, Jim Knight will deliver
proven best practices in every area of the Employee Life Cycle, using the viscer...
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In this session, Amy Clark, Head of Talent Management at Sallie Mae will lead a discussion with the Board on how to create a culture of lifelong learners. Specifically, we'll discuss and share solutions on:
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In this session, Kathleen Gioffre, Head of Talent Management Strategy at CVS Health will share lessons learned from CVS' "Let's Connect".

We will then discuss other approaches and successes within all of our organizations leading to the best and next practices in creating a culture of collaborat...
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MFS has undertaken an approach to transform the mindset and philosphy throughout the organization. At this session, Michael Bragg will lead a discussion about the findings, successes, learning points, and next steps as they continue with this journey through the rest of the year.
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The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 might well be the tipping point for the learning revolution that was first sketched out in the 1990s during the early days of the World Wide Web. We’re witnessing two decades of digital learning transformation in a couple of months. Classrooms have been uprooted fr...
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In light of COVID-19, CEO and all C-Suite succession plans need to be looked at. Will new skills be needed, and will succession plans need drastic changes? In this session, Jim Citrin, one of the world's experts in succession planning for CEO roles will discuss how organizations need to approach suc...
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In this session, Tonille Miller, Global Vice President of People, Culture and Leadership Development at Startek will facilitate a session and share best practices on rebuilding and transforming the employee experience for a post-CV19 World. The focus of the session is the importance of the employee ...
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