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The Underappreciated Value of Informal Leaders in Organizational Change Initiatives

To lead a needed change effort to fruition and the responsibility for leading this needed organizational change is squarely on the shoulders of the organization's leaders (Northouse, 2010). While everyone agrees that leadership is critical in an organizational change effort, the unfortunate truth is that most leaders have had little or no training in how to lead such an effort. This lack of knowledge about how to lead a change effort is why most organizational change efforts fail. Most leaders learn what they know about leading organizational change efforts through "trial and error," and that is expensive for everything and everyone involved, as the learning curve for understanding organizational change is steep and the impact of failed change attempts hurts the organization and the employees, wastes resources, and impairs the leader’s ability to lead needed change efforts in the future (Self, 2007).If you ask leaders to review either failed change efforts they have attempted or succ...