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HR Executive with extensive experience in Talent Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Development and Business Client Partner roles. Naturally creative, collaborative, passionate and dedicated to the strategic field of human capital development. Helping leaders and organizations transform their approach to talent and creating value for employees, clients and shareholders. Enhancing organizational culture by ensuring alignment of strategy, culture, leadership and values. A #careermom & wouldn't have it any other way. #HRStrategy is my professional calling!


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Senior Executive Board Benchmark-It: Aligning Talent Strategies Globally

Learning Session | Published: September 11, 2016

How do companies align talent strategies on a global level? 1. Workforce Planning 2. Leadership Development Strategy 3. Compensation 4. Technology to support them 5. Talent Mobility (to allow for emerging market leaders to bring them to developed countries and then back to their home country)...
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