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Expert Detail


Louis Scenti has had 30 years of progressive experience in the practice of leadership development, organizational development, learning and development, and talent management. He has held senior roles in the private and public sectors, working with senior management teams and business leaders to develop solutions to drive change and achieve result at the organizational and individual levels.

Louis is currently Senior Vice President of Talent Management for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York having joined in the fall of 2008. Since that time he built a Talent Management Function designed to effect change in line with the FRBNY’s evolving role in the post-financial crisis environment. His team has streamlined the talent acquisition process; implemented full cycle performance and talent management processes; and, designed and implemented leadership and development programs for all levels of the organization.

Prior to working for the Fed, he held senior positons with Lehman Brothers,


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Senior Executive Board Benchmark-It: Aligning Talent Strategies Globally

Learning Session | Published: September 11, 2016

How do companies align talent strategies on a global level? 1. Workforce Planning 2. Leadership Development Strategy 3. Compensation 4. Technology to support them 5. Talent Mobility (to allow for emerging market leaders to bring them to developed countries and then back to their home country)...
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